About Us

We at The Casket Company – Your Final Resting Bed strive to bring you the very highest quality SOLID WOOD and METAL caskets at an affordable price.

Caskets are always IN STOCK and ready for immediate delivery.

We work closely with your funeral home to ensure delivery is on time (normally within 24 hours but as quick as 30 minutes if needed). Pick-up is always available.


You have the right to purchase caskets and funeral related merchandise from sources other than funeral homes.

When you purchase a casket or related items from any retail/wholesale company, all funeral homes must accept those items without causing any unnecessary duress to the family and without raising their prices.

All funeral homes MUST give you an itemized written estimate showing the total cost of all funeral goods and services you select from them. Many funeral homes have 2 prices – which is illegal. NEVER, NEVER mention us, THE CASKET COMPANY – Your Final Resting Bed until after the funeral home has given you their written estimate of funeral expenses. Learn More